Jesus Deer

Jesus Deer

Mormon Zodiac Jesus Deer
Dignified and powerful, the Jesus Deer is a deified deer. He is represented with a supernatural glow, a crown of thorns, and a faint cross on its chest.

Attribute Emphasis: Inspiration / Creativity

“Deer” are creative geniuses and surround themselves with inspiring art, music, and interesting people. They are very protective of their friends, at least when they are around. Deer are curiously powerful, and very reliable. They tend to show up when you least expect them, and they love to chat with random people they meet while walking in the woods.* (An attribute that’s both charming and somewhat creepy.)

Deer may appear miraculous, or even divine, but they really aren’t that special — just a bit off. Remember that creativity can be weird, but weirdness isn’t always creative. Sometimes it’s just weird.


Deer are creative, artistic, and independent. They are also contemplative, forgiving, and good at appearing miraculous.


Deer can be temperamental, aloof, nervous, unconventional, and poor at communicating.

Zodiac Dates: November 6th – December 20th

This is a time of year to be inspired and creative. The holidays are coming up, and it’s a perfect time to get creative about the gifts you’ll be giving to the important people in your life. Should you get little Johnny a pet lizard or a Super Soaker? Should you get your wife a vacuum cleaner or that fancy hunting scope?

Day of the Week: Sunday

Sunday is the “Lord’s Day”, the obvious lucky day for this zodiac sign. Sundays are calm and casual days — great for getting inspired or starting a creative project. It’s a good idea to let your creative juices flow before the workweek starts up again and sucks away your will to live.

If This is Your Zodiac Sign

If you are a Deer, consider yourself both awesome and creative — just don’t quit your day job. That is, unless your creative passion is paying the bills, then kick that job’s ass to the curb! I don’t have to remind you to live life on your terms, but I may need to remind you to communicate better. You aren’t an island; you aren’t even a peninsula. Embrace the people that support you and don’t listen too much to the critics. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum, and carpe diem!

Reference in Mormonism

* Martin Harris, one of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, claimed he once saw and talked with Jesus in the form of a deer. He said that it walked and talked with him for a few miles. (John A. Clark letter, August 31, 1840)

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