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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the “Mormon Zodiac”, and why should I care?

You should care because it is the True Order of the Cosmos! It’s the one and only true and living astrological website on the planet. Sure you may find bits and pieces of true astrology here and there, but only the Mormon Zodiac has the fullness.

Why are there only 8 zodiac signs? Shouldn’t there be 12?

Mormons take pride in being a “peculiar people”, so it makes sense that their zodiac doesn’t look exactly like the traditional zodiac. There are 8 signs because that’s what God said. Plus the number 8 is cosmically super amazing!

What is the Seal of Melchizedek?

An 8 pointed star, usually made up of two interlocked squares (incorporated into the Mormon Zodiac logo). Its symbolism can be found everywhere in the world. Mormon scholar Hugh Nibley gave us the identity of this symbol in his book Temple and Cosmos.

Aren’t Mormons against astrology and fortunetelling?

What do you think a Patriarchal Blessing is? As with all things, there is a divine version (from God) and an evil version (from the devil). Astrology, fortunetelling, are totally fine -as long as they’re from God.

Aren’t the Mormon Zodiac signs overly simplified to match their associated attributes: physical, mental, social, etc.?

That’s what the devil wants you to think! Even if your sign doesn’t seem to match up with who you are at all, you need to take it on FAITH and stop questioning it.

Who is Mason Proxy?

That’s me! I was called by God to re-restore the Mormon Zodiac in these latter-latter-days.

Why is there a blog?

We believe in all that the Mormon Zodiac has revealed, all that it does now reveal, and we believe it will yet reveal many kick-ass things!

I Effing LOVE this stuff! What can I do to show my support?

If you like what you see, you can help in any of the following ways:

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  • Support our connection to KOLOB financially. That connection isn’t free you know. That’s why in the early days of the Church Patriarchs used to charge for Patriarchal Blessings. The donate button is at the bottom of the page.
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MormonThink.com (research the Hell out of Mormonism)
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CES Letter (a compilation of troubling church issues)
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Youtube Channels:

Zelph on the Shelf (satire and humor)
Brother Jake (funny topics covered by Brother Jake!)
Mr. Deity (funny web series from a former Mormon)
Mormon Facts (coverage of interesting and lesser known Mormon facts)
Examining Religious Claims (evaluating religion)