Mormon Zodiac Cain Bigfoot
Cain is depicted here in the classic Bigfoot pose, but with a huge bag of cash as a nod to the “Financial” attribute of his zodiac sign. He isn’t the ferocious monster that people make him out to be — there’s a subtle kindness in his eyes. And His hatchet and campfire show a more civilized version of what people might typically imagine of Bigfoot.

Attribute Emphasis: Financial

Everyone knows that cash is “king”, but you may not know that Cain is the king (or queen) of man-aging cash. Seriously, Cains are great with money. They love a good bargain and can spot one from a mile away. For being frugal, they are amazingly generous, but the almighty dollar is their highest priority. Cains are introverted and can feel like they’re social outcasts — like they’re marked with some type of curse.*

When it comes to temperament, Cains are moody as hell. Someone needs to tell them that just because life is a bitch doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be one.


Cains are great investors, and are amazingly frugal and generous. They’re also really good at sneaking around in the woods.**


Cains can be moody, suspicious, pessimistic, and prone to occasional fits of rage.

Zodiac Dates: September 21st –November 5th

This is a time of year to reap the harvest of your crops — good symbolism for accumulated earnings on financial investments. It’s also the time of year for Halloween, a holiday that many people think of as evil or devilish, like Cain, the first murderer. It’s the time of year for all things spooky or mysterious, like Bigfoot.

Day of the Week: Thursday

Thursday is not quite worthy enough to be considered part of the weekend — a good analogy for the Cain zodiac sign. Before 1978, black members of the church were not worthy enough to hold the priesthood or enter the temple, thanks to racist teachings that their black skin was the “mark of Cain”. (essay ref)

If this is Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re a Cain, you already know you’re good with finances and saving for a rainy day. Money isn’t evil, but “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). So try not to put your financial attention ahead of your family and loved ones. You may be frugal, but you’re also charitable and willing to donate to good causes. People fail to understand this about you, which explains why they don’t know how to interact with you. Though you’re naturally introverted (and that’s ok), recognize the importance of being social, or you’ll easily get treated like an outcast.

Reference in Mormonism:

* After murdering his brother Abel, Cain was cursed to be “A fugitive and a vagabond” (Moses 5:37). He and his offspring had black skin and “had no place among” the Lord’s people (Moses 7:22).

** An early apostle of the church, David W. Patten, saw Cain as a dark-skinned hairy creature in 1835. “He walked along beside me for about two miles. His head was about even with my shoulders as I sat in my saddle.” (The Miracle of Forgiveness, Spencer W. Kimball, p.127.)

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