Jesus DeerJesus Deer

Dates:  Nov 6 – Dec 20
(Season of gratitude and hope)

Lucky Day:  Sunday
(The Lord’s day)

Emphasis:  Inspirational / Creative
Creative, artistic, independent, temperamental, unconventional

Heavenly MotherHeavenly Mother

Dates:  Dec 21 – Feb 4
(Season of introspection)

Lucky Day:  Not applicable
(An eternal mother’s work is never done)

Emphasis:  Spiritual / Purpose
Purposeful, devoted, responsible, easily unnoticed or overlooked


Dates:  Feb 5 – Mar 20
(Season of romance)

Lucky Day:  Friday
(Date night)

Emphasis:  Emotional
Compassionate, funny, intuitive, quick and extreme temper

Horse TapirHorse

Dates:  Mar 21 – May 5
(Season for final exams, and taxes!)

Lucky Day:  Tuesday
(Statistically the most boring day of the week)

Emphasis:  Mental
Critical thinking, planning ahead, loyal, indecisive, impatient

Angel with a Flaming SwordAngel w/ Sword

Dates:  May 6 – Jun 20
(Wedding season)

Lucky Day:  Wednesday
(Exactly mid-week, also known as “hump day”)

Emphasis:  Physical
Smokin’ hot, athletic, persuasive, arrogant, aggressive


Dates:  Jun 21 – Aug 5
(Party & BBQ season)

Lucky Day:  Saturday
(Best day to throw a party)

Emphasis:  Social
Expert socializers, adaptive, diplomatic, impulsive, insecure

3 Nephites3 Nephites

Dates:  Aug 6 – Sep 20
(School starts, learning for a future career begins)

Lucky Day:  Monday
(The day you start a new job, duh!)

Emphasis:  Career
Cooperative, organized, patient, obsessed with work, restless

Cain BigfootCain

Dates:  Sep 21 – Nov 5
(Spooky monster season)

Lucky Day:  Thursday
(Not worthy to be part of the weekend)

Emphasis:  Financial
Great investors, frugal, generous, moody, pessimistic